Audio Control Unit

The ACU is part of Televic GSP’s TRACS audio platform.

It is typically located in every CAB and integrates various peripheral devices (e.g.  loudspeaker, microphone, PTT button, etc.) into the audio communication system. It offers a redundant audio controller function on unit and train levels.

The ACU also acts as a gateway for communication with other on-board systems (such as the PIS, CCTV recording, legacy cars, train radio) and as the central controller of the TRACS audio platform by hosting the audio decision software module. 

The ACU is connected to the on-board Ethernet backbone through its IP interface. Optionally, a second digital interface can be cabled to support a fully redundant digital fallback mode. This digital fallback mode enables an unprecedented availability of audio functionality.

A UIC568 or APTA27-point interface is available to support Public Address and crew intercom via analog train lines as an alternative. 

The unique stackable concept of TRACS allows mounting extension modules for additional functionality such as specific gateways and serial interfaces.

Audio Control Unit Features

  • Optimized power consumption and thermal design.
  • Powered via PoE+ Type 2 802.3at Class 3 or Class 4 (depending on interfaces).  
  • Superior audio quality by means of audio quality enhancement algorithms.
  • Automatic volume control based on ambient noise measurement through the CAB loudspeaker.
  • Noise suppression & full duplex intercom capable.
  • Support for 3 CAB microphones.
  • Rich set of digital I/O and audio interfaces.
  • Hot standby redundancy between 2 or more ACU’s in the unit or train composition.
  • Optional digital fallback network independent from Ethernet backbone with integrated PoE PSE to power other Televic GSP devices.
  • Optional analog UIC568 or APTA27-point interface for analog fallback or gateway functionality.


TRACS Audio communication system

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