Data driven maintenance decision making via predictive analytics  

Mechatronics – COSAMIRA

Continuous secure data collected to optimize your maintenance schedules, reduce operational costs and improve fleet reliability.


COSAMIRA has been designed for the demands of daily train operations in all environmental conditions and on all types of trains.  COSAMIRA is a single complete Condition Based Maintenance solution whose open platform architecture provides future proof technology and train software integration. It includes fleet-wide data comparison with industry-standard cybersecurity protocols.

Condition-Based Maintenance Systems

Our Condition-Based Maintenance Systems offer multiple configurations and can include:  

  • Wheel Axle Bearing Monitoring.  
  • Bogie Instability Monitoring.  
  • Rail Track Breakage and Anomaly Detection.  
  • Wheel Flat Detection.  
  • Traction Motor Monitoring.  
  • Gearbox Monitoring.  
  • Brake System overview.  
  • Passenger Comfort Analysis.  
  • Integration with current train software system.  

In carriage monitoring:

  • Air conditioning.
  • Humidity.
  • Noise levels.

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Televic GSP has been active in the domain of Bogie Monitoring Systems for over thirty years, including safety systems technology. 

Our company was exclusively selected to co-design, manufacture and support the tilting system for different companies.

Since that time, we have been continuously active in the domain of bogie monitoring and SIL2 rated bogie safety mechatronic systems across the globe with installations on hundreds of operational trains.     

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COSAMIRA architecture 

More than just a sensor pack COSAMIRA contains in-unit processing enabling definable algorithms to be uploaded to the individual units for on-bogie data processing.

Algorithms for example than can have a temporal element to monitor individual track elements over a journey. These processing algorithms can be updated and changed as many times as is required.  

COSAMIRA is powered directly from the train main power ensuring continuous operation at all times if required, it can feature on-board GPS and 2.4/5G Wi-Fi.

Available in multiple standard specifications or units can be tailored to exact customer requirements on a project by project basis.  



Rotating machinery – like wheels and axles – relies on bearings to increase the power transmission efficiency. Bearing maintenance is crucial to prevent human and economic disasters.

Moving away from traditional inspection methods, we introduce a new approach, utilizing data and technology to identify and evaluate potential issues efficiently. In this white paper, we explain the process:

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