Seat reservation display

Seat Reservation for trains

Easily guide your passengers to their seats

The on-board computer provides the data texts for the seat reservation displays in the system. This is obtained classically via online updates in real-time.

The diagnostic messages (status, FW, version) are reported to the on-board computer and can be called up in the diagnostics menu of the operator terminal and even on the landside by using LiveCoM Suite. Thanks to the noticeable multi-color LED lights, available seats can easily be spotted from the gangway.


  1. Allows better planning.
  2. Easy installation and maintenance.
  3. Enhances the customer experience by assuring a seat during their journey.
  4. Adaptable to many data interfaces.



  • Integrated diagnostics.
  • Auto topology management of the displays.
Seat reservation in Hitachi project



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