Seat reservation display

Seat Reservation

Easily guide your passengers to their seats

The on-board computer provides the data texts for the seat reservation displays in the system. This is obtained classically via online updates in real-time.

The diagnostic messages (status, FW, version) are reported to the on-board computer and can be called up in the diagnostics menu of the operator terminal and even on the landside by using LiveCoM Suite. Thanks to the noticeable multi-color LED lights, available seats can easily be spotted from the gangway.

Seat Reservation Benefits

  1. Allows better planning.
  2. Easy installation and maintenance.
  3. Enhances the customer experience by assuring a seat during their journey.
  4. Adaptable to many data interfaces.

Seat Reservation Highlights

  • Integrated diagnostics.
  • Auto topology management of the displays.
Seat reservation in Hitachi project



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