Railway CCTV

One of the growing challenges in public transportation is increasing crime rates, including vandalism assault and theft, among others.  It is crucial to protect the physical assets, but more importantly to provide actual and perceived security to the passengers and employees. Therefore, the need for monitoring through video surveillance has become essential.

Improve overall safety with a reliable on-board railway cctv

Our railway CCTV solution is a digital on-board video management system that is suitable for all types of railway vehicles (from trams to high-speed trains). This system improves the overall safety of your vehicles through intuitive security control in an efficient way. 

Our CCTV system can be easily integrated with the passenger information system to effectively handle incidents.

For example, passenger alarms can trigger a variety of actions: locating the emergency, showing live footage to the driver and tagging the video for longer retention and easy retrieval, or even transmitting live images to the wayside control center. 

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1. Flexible

  • We develop and produce our own NVRs, giving us control over development allowing us to optimize life cycle costs and manage obsolescence internally.
  • Our NVRs are based on a modular platform, we have flexibility to adapt or expand our solution to suit customer needs and follow industry trends.
  • Furthermore, we offer compact flange or rack mounted variants to suit the installation.
  • Due to our compliance to international standard, our NVRs are widely applicable.

2. Integrated

  • We offer a range of different cameras that are fully controlled and integrated into our system.
  • Our video surveillance system can be stand-alone or fully integrated into our LiveCoM Suite PIS system.
  • The LiveCoM Suite integration enables easy access to live video streams and remote downloads from your fleet.
  • We can ensure interoperability with other digital video management systems (VMS).
  • And have interfaces for analogue inputs or outputs to suit fleet upgrades.

3. Smart

  • We use the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) functions to interpret passenger crowding, left objects, fire and smoke detection or movement or running.
  • By integrating these AI and ML functions into the PIS and VMS,  we can help train operating companies interpret video data in real time, and trigger events, helping them to manage situations developing on their trains.
  • Our integrated AI functions can alert wayside staff of a triggered event optimizing control and communication.

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