TFT Displays

On-board visual information is imperative in public transportation: Ranging from information about the next stops, real-time data about destinations, scheduled changes; to digital signage and entertainment. 

It is all about the right information at the right time

Passengers benefit from the relevant and necessary information during the journey, thus enhancing the passenger experience and improving the accessibility of public transportation.

High-definition screens

The color-calibrated TFT displays offer superior image quality, for static images and video content.

High-definition screens are the perfect tool to visualize any content, such as next stop info, train loading overviews, real-time delays and public transport connections.

TFT displays are the modern way to share journey information. Still, they are also an excellent choice to show digital signage information.

TFT Displays TYPES

Televic GSP TFT displays are available in various form factors (including 16:9 and ultra-wide), single and double side models, different sizes and finishing grades. 

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LiveDIS l F: Flush mounting device in many variants

LiveDIS l V

LiveDIS l V: V-Shape device with two panels

LiveDIS l S: Surface mounting device

LiveDIS l G. Flush mounting device with full glass front

benefits of TFT Displays

  1. Visibility 
    Share visual information of any kind with passengers through exterior and interior TFT displays.
  2. Variety
    Available in a wide range of sizes, form factors and mounting possibilities to match any interior and any requirement. 
  3. Full control
    When combined with the LiveCoM Suite, train operators can take complete control over the content of the PIS while resting assured of high-quality rendering on-board: bright colors, smooth animations and video. 
  4. Durability
    Proven long lifetime in challenging railway conditions.
  5. Profit 
    Generate additional income through advertising in combination with LiveCoM Suite.


  • Various sizes, form factors, mounting options. 
  • High brightness, long lifetime. 
  • Automated brightness control. 
  • Smooth scrolling. 
  • Anti-glare safety glass. 
  • Robust, high endurance housings, slim designs. 
  • Support for IP daisy chaining. 
  • Railway standards compliant.
  • HTML mask sets. 
  • Integration in PIS and back office ITCS  systems  (e.g. LiveCoM Suite, DB RIS, ETC DatNet etc.). 
  • Easy to use toolchain, software updates via Ethernet. 

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