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    Efficient train management is crucial to the success of modern transportation networks. Besides the apparent passenger expectations, such as punctual, safe, and comfortable journeys, there is an ever-growing demand for consistent, real-time, and reliable information.

    To enable operators to achieve these goals, Televic GSP provides a modular software solution - information management - that focuses on three key aspects:

    • Connect - The exchange of data between train and ground systems is of key importance, both for keeping on-board systems synchronized and for providing passengers with reliable and real-time information. Televic GSP optimizes the data transfers between the on-board systems and the wayside applications.
    • Inform - Passengers expect clear information about key items such as connections, arrival times, disruptions, alternative routes and on-board services. Televic GSP’s systems enhance the passenger experience by automatically delivering the right information at the right time.
    • Control - The train operating company needs to be in full control of the entire system. It can update journey schedules, show real-time information, or react instantly to unexpected events and monitor the performance of systems and services on board. Televic GSP guarantees reliable communication between the crew, the control center, the passengers and all associated systems.

    Benefits of a train information management system

    1. Fully integrated solution: End-to-end configuration and operational management of the Passenger Information System from a single application. Multiple functionalities are bundled in a single modular platform, ensuring a consistent user experience across the different modules.
    2. Future-proof: The modularity of the platform enables operators to benefit from new features and functionalities, as such, the solution can evolve over time to address new needs of passengers. On top of that, by providing operators with all the necessary tools to manage their passenger information systems, they can fully manage the passenger experience without requiring intervention of Televic GSP as a vendor, now and in the future.
    3. Fluent integration: Televic GSP focuses on standard solutions that can be integrated in an end-to-end system configuration. As such, long and risky development trajectories to deliver a custom solution are replaced by low-risk configurations with a short time-to-market. To allow easy integration in existing processes and systems, interfaces using industry-standard technologies are exposed by the different modules. As such, automated flows and machine-to-machine interactions can be set up easily.
    Man using software for passenger information systems LiveCoM Suite




    LiveCoM Suite is a train information management system that allows train operating companies to integrate real-time data from a wide variety of data sources to provide passengers with up-to-date and reliable information under any operating condition. Get more information.

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