Train to Ground Communication

Operators are increasingly relying on train-to-ground communication to effectively organize their operations.

Uploading seat reservation databases, retrieving passenger loads for analysis, updating train schedules in real-time, etc. are only a few examples of how data exchanges between train and the operational control center can enable operators to increase their efficiency.  

Enjoy reliable data synchronization and management for the entire fleet.  

The LiveCoM Suite Transfer module enables rail operators to consolidate all file and message data transfers for various on-board and operational control center applications in one single framework.  

By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, the secure and reliable transfer can be provided, even under challenging conditions, such as poor cell coverage, frequent signal loss, connection handovers and systems going offline for longer periods in time.  

As more systems and applications are requiring connectivity, operators are facing a challenge on how to manage all these data exchanges in a cost-effective way.

Multiple connectivity solutions on-board of their vehicles also mean higher investment and operational costs

For example, patching security vulnerabilities for multiple solutions, dealing with obsolete technologies, mobile subscription management, training and maintenance costs, etc.  


  1. Reliability 
    Exchange of messages and files even in challenging conditions 
  2. Security
    Exchange of data for any application securely 
  3. Versatility 
    Fully integrated application-layer data transfer mechanism for any application 
  4. Mutual prioritization 
    Between communication flows  
  5. Easy integration
    Through standard APIs and connectors  


  • Securely exchange data: Between wayside and on-board systems across an entire fleet.
  • Data delivery and process: For further actions, such as scheduling maintenance operations.
  • Management: Control configurations and monitor the transfer process from a user-friendly dashboard to the entire fleet.
  • Single system: Reduce efforts to set up and maintain on-board communication by consolidating all data transfers from a single system.
  • Integration: Through a set of well-defined and secured APIs, data transfers for other systems can be easily integrated.

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