Onboard Networks & Connectivity

Reliability and availability are key benefits for a network in a train:

A network that combines all entities like Displays, audio, HMI, cameras, train server and more to a whole system. In order to ensure these benefits; a high-performance backbone is a mandatory part of the system to operate at its optimal.  

Discover the reliable on-board Ethernet networks  

The Televic GSP high-quality switches and routers are specially designed for rail application. They are ruggedized for harsh and dynamic on-board environments.

Network switches are available to support both, standard and Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices. 

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  1. High-quality networks.  
  2. Low total costs of ownership.
  3. Reliable and flexible system design.  
  4. Customized solutions: Tailor-made network topology.  
  5. Flexibility: Two switch sizes with different number of ports are available.  

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