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Quick, quick: Speeding with 250 km/h in the Oslo Airport Express Flytoget

Passengers landing at Oslo Airport who want to get into the city as quickly as possible don’t lose any time, because the Airport Express train from the Norwegian rail company Flytoget AS has been operating on this line since 2001.

Using the two-track high-speed line – the first of its kind in Norway – the fifty kilometre stretch between the airport and city centre can be covered in less than 20 minutes. And the airport link will be even faster and more comfortable from 2018, because Flytoget has ordered eight Oaris high-speed trains from the Spanish train manufacturer CAF.

The state-of-the-art interior train technology is as special as the trains are fast, with a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour. Televic GSP will be supplying several components of the passenger information system, including the new generation of universal communication computers (UKR), multi-function TFT wide format displays and passenger and guard intercom units.

One of Televic GSP’s newest innovations is also on board: the mobile intercom units for train guards (MSpr-ZUB). It’s a smartphone app which the train staff can use at any time to flexibly accept passengers’ queries. When a passenger connects through a passenger intercom unit in one of the carriages, the train guard can accept this call from wherever he is on the train and react immediately.

The mobile device can be used for making announcements, and for communication between train staff or with the driver. This creates additional security in this high-performance train and improves the customer service of the Norwegian train company.

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