The onboard computer is the central device within a Passenger Information System (PIS), which plays a critical role in running the main PIS application. This computer controls and facilitates interactions with all PIS-related devices, including LED and TFT displays, the audio system, and the HMI. Moreover, it operates the PIS management software LiveCoM Suite.

One of the key functions of the onboard computer is to establish interfaces for seamless communication with the landside, ensuring the timely delivery of accurate real-time information to passengers.

WHY IS the onboard computer IMPORTANT?

The significance of the onboard computer lies in its ability to transform individual devices into a cohesive system. This is achieved through utilizing the HMI by employees and off-board software facilitated by the LiveCoM Suite platform, which can be accessed locally and via the cloud.


FlexCOM, our latest generation onboard controller, can be adapted to the highest performance requirements. Its flexible design offers many choices and is certified for use in the European Union and North America. The IEC62443-4-2 cyber security standard is driving both the hardware and software design.


1. Tailored

 Can address specific interface needs, including serials and I/Os.

2. Diverse

 Offers a range of connectivity options.

3. Future-proof design

Our design guarantees longevity in line with the rail industry's typical life cycle.

4. Continuity

Enjoy complete support and maintenance directly from Televic GSP.

5. Versatile mounting

Can be conveniently rack-mounted or affixed using flange brackets.

6. Compact form

 Boasts small dimensions for efficient use of space.


ONBOARD COMPUTER FEATURES / on-request options

  • 4G / 5G (Up to 3 cellular modems - 2 SIM cards each)
  • GNSS
  • WiFi 6 (ax)
  • Intel Atom (Elkhart Lake) / Intel i5 / Intel i7 (Tiger Lake) editions available
  • 8 - 32 GB RAM
  • High Speed NVMe Storage 128GB to 4TB
  • 2.5 GBit Ethernet
  • 30s. UPS for graceful shutdown
  • Expansion Card, e.g. for Audio or any other specific customisation

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