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LiveCoM Suite

For train operators, being able to directly manage audio-visual content for onboard communications has become increasingly important in the past years. It allows them to have the power to determine and change the message, branding, look & feel of the Passenger Information Systems whenever they need it.  

Select, organize and manage the passenger information flows  

LiveCoM Suite is a platform that allows train operating companies to integrate real-time data from a wide variety of data sources to provide passengers with up-to-date and reliable information under any operating condition.  

The platform offers the necessary interfaces and tools to connect the information system to onboard and wayside systems.

The modular framework makes it possible to select functionalities flexibly.

The LiveCoM Suite software can be used in any kind of public transport vehicle: from metro to high-speed train.  

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  1. Easy to use interface 
    To optimize all workflows, LiveCoM Suite has a unified look-and-feel, designed in cooperation with user experience experts.
  2. Control for operators 
    Fully control of the content visible on its PIS system and displays.
  3. Maximal flexibility 
    In terms of what information can be shown on-board.

Features of livecom suite


Discover how to use our PIS Management Software and bring relevant information to your passengers in an automated way.

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