Passenger WiFi

In today’s interconnected world, having access to the Internet is becoming a standard expectation of many passengers.

By offering public WiFi in trains, train operators are making journeys more comfortable and convenient for their passengers and are sure to maintain competitiveness. 

The usage is similar and straightforward as it is at home. The passenger device is connected to an Access point; a powerful router connects to the desired internet service provider of your choice. 

Furthermore, optional offline entertainment is available to your passengers in places where no connection can be established.  

Once passengers connect to the WLAN, the shielding effects of the car bodies no longer have a negative impact, as the connections are established via the roof antenna. 

This way extended coverage is ensured, making Internet connectivity available in all or most areas during a journey.  

Information can also be brought to the passengers' devices so they are informed even while watching a movie or listening to music. 


  1. Reliable WLAN connection. 

  2. Reduction of dead spots an increasing the speed by combining multiple providers. 

  3. Additional use for non-public applications via the same hardware. 


  • Multiple provider handling. 

  • Multiple SIM card handling. 

  • Multiple purpose usage. 

  • Scalable for perfect train integration. 

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