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Audio Communication System for trains

At Televic GSP, building innovative passenger information solutions is our priority.  

TRACS, our latest generation of audio communication systems, enables an unprecedented level of modularity and configurability. It brings several advantages such as superior audio quality, high reliability, ease of installation, and support for secure maintenance.

The TRACS product range consists of IP amplifiers, TSI conform Call For Aid (CFA) devices, Passenger Alarm Devices (PAD), Audio Control Units (ACU), and Guard Operating Panels (GOP). 

The offering is completed with the necessary peripheral devices such as microphones, loudspeakers, handsets, hearing aid loops and more to provide our customers with a high performant, interconnected and future-proof audio communication system. 


Seamless integration with Televic GSP solutions

The TRACS platform is designed for seamless integration with other on-board and wayside systems. 

In combination with our LiveCoM Suite it provides the most powerful solution available for automated and live messaging as well as remote control via the operational control center and mobile applications. 

Options are available for text-to-speech and speech-to-text integrations, enabling synchronized messaging via audio broadcast and on-board displays. 

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  1. Superior audio quality: Including state-of-art audio algorithms, low end-to-end latency, and high intelligibility even in challenging environments.
  2. High reliability: Functional reliability increased by system architecture using the same base components; support for analog as well as digital fallback modes, based on a components reliability growth program.
  3. Extended configurability: Proven design software and customization are done via parameterization, including zoning, audio settings, priorities, functional behavior of I/O interfaces to interface with third party components. There is the capability to mount extension modules for additional functionality.  
  4. Designed to optimize Total Cost Ownership (TCO): Our system is efficient during the complete product lifecycle. It is easy to integrate, commission, install and maintain. Depending on the varying expectations and needs of individual railway projects, different architectures are supported. This ensures Plug&Play operation and efficient long-term support.  
  5. A toolset to support commissioning, advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting is available.  
Audio communication system


  • Optimized size, power consumption and thermal design.
  • Superior audio quality by means of audio quality enhancement algorithms.
  • Automatic volume control based on ambient noise measurement through loudspeakers.
  • Rich set of digital I/O and audio interfaces.
  • Hot standby redundancy in the unit or train composition.
  • Extended configurability including : zoning, audio settings, priorities, functional behavior of IO …
  • “Proven design” software, customization is done via parameterization.
  • Capability to mount extension modules for additional functionality.
  • Extended logging and system health diagnostics capabilities.
  • Secure software updates and secure maintenance.
  • Integration in PIS and back office ITCS systems (e.g. LiveCoM Suite, DB RIS, ETC DatNet ...).
  • Optional digital fallback network independent from Ethernet backbone including power supply.
  • Optional analog UIC568 or APTA27-point interface for analog fallback or gateway functionality.

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