Crew Mobile App

Train attendants use Televic GSP mobile applications to control and create announcements and communicate directly with the driver and other personnel utilizing a smartphone, regardless of their current location on the train.

Regardless of their location, they can be reached without interruption for passenger voice requests; and can also make or trigger special announcements.

Passengers can also contact the train attendant at any time via stationary passenger intercom panels.

Train attendants can receive calls from the driver in permanently installed crew intercoms.

The requests are received directly on the smartphone and the user can respond immediately through the app.


  1.  Flexibility
    Uninterrupted and mobile communication for the crew.
  2. User-friendliness
    Attractive and intuitive user interface.
  3. Versatility
    Can be operated in different ways.
  4. Practical
    Numerous onboard functions are available.


  • Standardized SIP technology. 
  • Registration via QR code. 
  • Automatically login and logout in train attendant WLAN. 
  • Recording, prelistening, activation of announcements.  
  • Display output location of automatic announcements. 
  • Live view of CCTV images. 
  • PIS control. 

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