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Advertisement Management

Advertisements are the norm in our everyday society.  Transport operators are looking into generating additional non-farebox revenue by renting out advertising space (e.g. posters or billboards within stations, ‘train cards’ on-board of vehicles, wrapping of vehicles with eye-catching advertisements, etc.).

The next step in this evolution is to digitalize the advertising to further increase the revenue potential through installing digital screens in stations and leveraging the on-board display systems that are in place to distribute passenger information.

Generate additional revenue ONBOARD

The Advertisement Management module of the LiveCoM Suite enables operators to leverage the full potential of their on-board display system, allowing them to generate additional revenue streams through the display of advertisements.

The Advertisement Management module can be set up to seamlessly integrate with the Passenger Information System (PIS) or to independently manage advertisement visualization on a distinct set of displays.

When the Advertisement system is integrated with the PIS system, the advertisement visualization is combined with passenger information at appropriate times, based on a set of rules that can be configured and managed by the operator.

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Advertisement Management BENEFITS

  1. Context-based advertisements: Additional features compared to analog advertisements (train cards) with the potential to better fit the target audience's context (time, location, zone, etc.).
  2. Increased revenue: A higher value per advertisement slot through mechanisms like proof-of-scheduling, reporting number of playbacks per campaign and the possibility to incorporate passenger counting information (reach of advertisement) in reporting.
  3. Cost conversion: The possibility of combining the required passenger information system with an advertising system saves costs on installation of hardware and software and additionally, reduces the required installation space (leaving more room for passengers).
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Advertisement Management features

  • Advertising Campaign Management - Management of advertising campaigns including the campaign content (e.g., videos, images, etc.), target advertisement space, playback conditions based on time and journey context.
  • Integrated solution - The Advertisement functionality is integrated into LiveCoM Suite, which enables easy interactions with other supported functionalities, such as Data Collection to augment playback information with passenger counting data.
  • Unified user interface - User interaction with the Advertisement functionality is done through an HTML5-based web application framework with a uniform look and feel across all LiveCoM Suite functionalities. This uniformity results in more clarity for the end-user, avoiding operating errors and enabling users to start using the system efficiently without extensive training.
  • Granular Access Management - All interactions with the Advertisement functionality are only possible for authenticated and authorized users, which can be separated from the users managing the passenger information. Authentication is based on OpenID Connect and can provide identity brokering for other OpenID Connect or SAML-based systems, enabling integration with existing Single-Sign-On (SSO) systems.
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