Passenger Information Systems for trains

In today's increasingly connected world, train companies must differentiate by making their services more attractive to passengers. Televic GSP offers qualitative, reliable, and future-proof passenger information systems to inform users in the best possible way. 

Woman using the passenger information systems from Televic GSP


1. Future-proof solutions

Innovation is of utmost importance: it enables us to offer software, hardware and support that really creates added value and guarantees the maintenance and evolution of the systems during the whole lifecycle of the trains.

2. Guided by experts 

For more than 35 years Televic GSP has been a leading, trusted partner for railway operators and train builders all over the world.    

3. Full life cycle support 

As experts in communication and control systems, we are at your service from start to finish. We’re pleased to assist you every step of the way. 


Man using software for passenger information systems LiveCoM Suite


LiveCoM Suite

LiveCoM Suite is a platform that allows train operating companies to integrate real-time data from a wide variety of data sources to provide passengers with up-to-date and reliable information under any operating condition. Learn more.

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