Siemens - VIA Rail - Corridor fleet

VIA Rail's flagship route gets intelligent new trains

The CCTV system records high-quality footage from different angles.

VIA Rail orders 32 intercity trains to replace and expand its current fleet.

Canada's busiest corridor

The new trains will replace the life-expired fleet on the Québec-City Windsor Corridor. The Canadian operating company selected Siemens Mobility to build the new fleet.

"We're proud to provide VIA Rail's next generation of trainsets, which will deliver the best travel experience for its riders", says Sabrina Soussan, CEO of Siemens. "Siemens Mobility is committed to delivering intelligent trains that enhance passenger experience, increase value sustainably over their lifecycle and improve availability."

Digital information system

The brand new trains will begin passenger service in 2022. They offer numerous improvements, including quieter cars, climate control and WiFi. Televic GSP will install the complete digital information system, including screens, audio equipment and content management software.

Video investigation tool

Televic GSP will also install a new CCTV system, recording high-quality footage from different angles. The video investigation tool automatically labels footage in case of events, making it easier to retrieve the right data at the right time.

New era of trains

VIA Rail is proud to say that the new Corridor fleet will transform Canadian passenger service. They also have plans to renovate a part of the rolling stock operating on their long-distance routes.

New build project in Canada (2019- )

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Country Canada
Train Builder Siemens
Train Operator VIA Rail
Kind of project Long Distance Trains
Number of Vehicles 160
Year 2019 - ...

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