Rail Fleet Management

Being in complete control of the Passenger Information System starts with having a real-time overview of the status from a centralized system.

The LiveCoM Suite provides this for different areas, including schedule, configuration, and software versions, as well as operational information such as the current location and tracking status of the vehicles.

Having this information readily available allows operators to make the right decisions with full confidence, whether it concerns remotely upgrading certain databases to a newer version or addressing only relevant vehicles with route-related information.

Also, these control operations are supported by the same set of functionalities provided by the LiveCoM Suite. As such, the operator has both a full overview and the possibility to have total control over the various connected fleets, from a single, centralized application.

BENEFITS OF Rail Fleet Management

  1. Remote control: Having a bird’s eye view of the fleet, monitoring its operational status, and retrieving information on software configurations is crucial for a modern Passenger Information System. Furthermore, being able to push updated schedules or content, triggering announcements from the operational control center, in short controlling the fleet from a centralized solution, is a key requirement to move towards autonomous operation.
  2. Cross-fleet centralized management: The LiveCoM Suite allows managing the Passenger Information Systems across multiple fleets from a single platform. This creates consistency for the look & feel for the passenger-facing information as well as uniform workflows for your employees across different fleets.
  3. Fine-grained management: Managing multiple functionalities from a single system requires full control of which users can execute which actions. With LiveCoM Suite’s fine grained Access Management functionality, the operator can easily define which functionalities and up to which level they are accessible to certain users and applications, allowing operators to limit access to what is required.

Fleet monitoring software features

  • Real-time fleet overview:

The Data Collection module of the LiveCoM Suite gets data off the train at the right time and place, enriches it with additional data such as location and trip info and lets the information flow to the various stakeholders (passengers, scheduling optimization).

  • Remote announcements:

​​​​​​​Moving forward with various levels of autonomous operation of railway, requires an alternative approach to drivers and crew delivering ad hoc messages to the passengers.

The Remote PIS Control functionality enables personnel in operational control centers to direct the right messages to the right vehicles during operation.

  • Over-the-air updates:

​​​​​​​To keep the Passenger Information Systems stable, secure, and reliable, updates need to be performed on a regular basis.

The centralized real-time overview of Update Management and the possibility to distribute updates remotely to the entire fleet enables operators to achieve that goal

Man using software for passenger information systems LiveCoM Suite


PIS Management Software: LiveCoM Suite

LiveCoM Suite is a platform that allows train operating companies to integrate real-time data from a wide variety of data sources to provide passengers with up-to-date and reliable information under any operating condition. Learn more.

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