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Why city councils need flexible conferencing systems

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Discover why, to function properly under all circumstances, cities need to build flexibility into the architecture of their council rooms’ conferencing systems.

Why city councils need flexible conferencing systems

How to build a council room meeting system architecture that remains resilient under all circumstances

The way a city council operates is totally different than a typical meeting in a corporate setting.

Councils use a more structured approach due to the official and public character of the decision-making process. Therefore – when it comes to meeting technology – a purpose-built conferencing solution specifically for city councils is no unnecessary luxury.

Council meetings in times of social distancing

The needs to meet social distancing requirements during city council meetings has brought about an entirely new set of challenges. One example that we encountered a lot these past two years, was the need to flexibly stretch out a permanent installation into an adapted temporary solution where council members could sit farther away from each other. The practical answer often varied depending on the circumstances. Most of the time, either using longer standard IT cables or opting for a completely wireless system, allowed for a fast and easy adjustment of the delegate microphones set-up.

Audio & intelligibility

Another frequently encountered challenge was to ensure the intelligibility of the discussion for every council member. In a spread-out room layout, not all sound or speaker systems were devised to adequately distribute the audio. A managed Televic Conference system enables flexible microphone control and is highly scalable. It also provides better sound in acoustically poor conditions.

Hybrid meetings

It is clear by now that hybrid meetings are here to stay. Even as we return to our offices and meeting facilities. Televic Conference is more than ready! Our audio and video delegate systems guarantee a trusted design to bring flawless sound and image to each participant, whether they are in the room are join the meeting remotely. It is important both in-room and remote participants can experience the same level of quality during the meeting. Not only the audio quality is crucial, but also being able to see each other is key to a successful hybrid meeting!

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