Bringing the future into the historical Czernin Palace

Live streaming of your city council meetings offers distinct advantages: transparency, engagement and more informed citizens. But how do you produce these webcasts? Here are the four key elements to set you up

Digital interpretation in the historical Czernin Palace: unobtrusive setup with crystal clear sound

The 17th century Czernin Palace (Černínský palác) in Prague houses the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The beautiful conference room needed a new interpretation system that didn’t clash with the historical interior, yet provided excellent audio quality. Televic installed the proven Unite digital interpretation system. With only two transmitters, it covers eight languages.

Marrying the present and the past

As technology advances, requirements change. Digital interpretation systems enable simultaneous translation in multiple languages. But in a historical conference room, options to apply new technology are limited: you don’t want to deface the beautiful 17th century setting with 21st century tech.

The 2008 infrared technology that was present in the conference room had run its course. The Ministry wanted better audio quality, no interference, more languages, encryption and less hassle. A simple yet effective solution was found…

Less visual clutter

Thanks to Televic’s Unite DECT interpretation system, 8 foreign languages are now transmitted to up to 250 participants. Unite does that with only 2 access points (1 for 4 languages). That’s considerably less installation effort, but also less visual clutter in the conference room. The 2 APs can effectively be hidden behind a curtain, while infrared technology requires line-of-sight.

Keeping the palace alive

Just like Czernin Palace itself, the Unite DECT interpretation system is a keeper. If the Ministry ever wants to transmit more languages, it can easily add access points for up to 32 languages. The DECT standard delivers crystal clear audio, even in the future, and the 256-bit AES encryption ensures that the system will remain tap-proof for many years to come.

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