36 % of US travellers want to know how many passengers are on their train or bus before riding

Operators expect COVID-19 to have enduring impact on public transportation

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TransLoc asked 1,000 American travellers if they would use transportation after the restrictions are lifted. The result? 36% of the people that want to use public transit again, want to know how many passengers are on board their train or bus before riding. For train operating companies this means they should not only reinforce public hygiene and promote washing hands, but also inform travellers about the current train loading and seat occupancy.

Social distancing inside trains

Social distancing remains the key to safely moving large numbers of people again. That is why real-time occupancy information helps operators to enforce social distancing and to reassure passengers that they can return to a safe transit system.

The Televic GSP technology monitors and visualizes seat occupancy and reservation to inform worried passengers, creating  psychological and visual comfort in the mission to restore ridership.

Seat reservation display

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