Sound Transit invests in passenger comfort and safety

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In the next couple of years, Sound Transit will more than triple its current fleet. The regional transit system, serving Seattle and the central Puget Sound area, has ordered 152 new vehicles to expand its current fleet of 62 cars. On-board will be a Televic GSP system to provide real-time passenger information.

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Sound Transit is determined to accommodate the increasing number of passengers in the most comfortable way. Each car will have a more spacious interior, larger windows and four bicycle hooks. For the passenger information system, Televic GSP was selected. The contract includes LED destination signs, dynamic information displays and content management software.

New CCTV system

A key innovation in the Sound Transit project is the new Network Video Recorder. The powerful recorder features up to 3 TB of storage, equivalent to more than 20.000 minutes of data. Alarms can trigger a variety of actions: locating the emergency, showing live footage or tagging the video for longer retention. By offering a comprehensive oversight of on-board activity, the system reduces risks and increases passenger safety.

Rear-view monitor

Also important for passenger safety are the rear-view monitors, adjusted on each side of the cab. These digital screens display high definition camera content like a rear-view mirror. At departure, they automatically switch to show the complete platform from front to rear. In that way, the driver can easily check the platforms before leaving the station.

Siemens S70

The first new light rail vehicles for Sound Transit will be delivered in mid-2019. They will be designed and manufactured by Siemens in Sacramento, California. The S70 LRVs will operate at speeds up to 55 mph, carrying close to 245 passengers in each vehicle.

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