How data collection is helping in the battle against Covid-19

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The Covid pandemic has brought monitoring technologies to the fore and, more specifically, systems to analyse and manage train loading, seat occupancy and passenger flows. These technologies produce vast amounts of data that can help to manage passenger flows, facilitate social distancing and reassure passengers. To handle all this data, you can rely on Televic GSPs Data Collection module.

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What is data collection?

The Data Collection module of the LiveCom Suite gets data off the train at the right time and place, enriches it with additional data such as location and trip info and lets the information flow to the various stakeholders (passengers, scheduling optimization).

This enriched data is vital to get a real-time overview of the fleet from a centralized wayside user interface. It helps to analyze and manage people flows, to guide passengers on-board to less crowded coaches or to alert the relevant stakeholders in case of events.


In control of your data

Operating companies can configure:

  • how and when the data needs to be collected e.g. when leaving the station
  • if and when it needs to be filtered on-board
  • whether the data needs to be augmented with additional data fields, such as the active journey, the GPS location, or station information
  • how it needs to be transferred to the wayside
  • whether and how long it needs to be stored on the wayside
  • when data should be forwarded to other systems.

Why do you need Data Collection?


To inform passengers about the current train loading and seat occupancy

The Data Collection module can be configured to automatically ingest data from on-board control systems such as systems for passenger counting, seat reservation and seat occupancy. In this way, information managers can inform their passengers about which coaches to move to or which part of the train to board at the station.

To gather data for analysis and flow management

The module can collect and transfer all kinds of data such as passenger counting data or trip info. This data can then be used to  get insights on which routes/journeys are the busiest, where most people get on/off your vehicles, during which time of the days capacity is most needed, etc.

Data collection is useful for…

  • Operators that want to get a real-time overview of their fleet data from a centralized wayside user interface.
  • Analysts that want to manage passenger flows.
  • Passenger Information managers who want to optimize the information flow and alert the relevant stakeholders in case of events.


The Data Collection functionality is at the heart of the LiveCoM Suite, giving operators a real-time overview of their vehicle information from a centralized wayside user interface.

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