Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety

Our company is committed to environmental protection and occupational health and safety in all its activities.

Environmental Policy

Televic GSP's environmental policy is part of the corporate policy and thus belongs to the company's guidelines. We maintain a certified environmental management system to organise our environmental protection measures.

Our aim is to prevent or reduce environmental pollution and to conserve resources. To this end, the environmental aspects of our business activities are identified and regularly reassessed.

We are committed to continuously improving our operational environmental protection and thus our environmental performance, taking into account the economic perspectives for the company. Environmental protection is linked to targets, the fulfilment of which is regularly checked and evaluated. We aim to achieve both product-related environmental performance, such as reducing the energy consumption of our components, and process-related environmental performance, such as using recyclable materials in the packaging of products, using energy-saving light bulbs for lighting or consuming beverages exclusively from returnable glass bottles.

We follow applicable laws and regulations and monitor compliance with them. The effectiveness of the environmental management system is regularly assessed as part of the management review.

Our employees are trained in environmental issues to promote a sense of responsibility, motivation, communication, action and decision-making skills, and environmental performance.

We promote internal and external dialogue in all environmental matters and require our suppliers to comply with the guidelines on environmental protection.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The health of our employees is a basic prerequisite for the sustainable development of our company. It is our claim to avoid occupational injuries and illnesses of our employees by conscious and preventive action under all circumstances. To this end, hazards and risks in the work process must be identified, assessed, eliminated or minimised.

The management is committed to ensuring safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses for employees. In addition, we will also do everything possible for our company to protect employees in the work process from the effects of epidemics or pandemics.

We maintain a certified management system to organise our occupational health and safety measures. This is linked to the obligation to comply with all applicable laws as well as additional requirements agreed with our business partners.

Our employees are trained and instructed on the operational topics of occupational health and safety.

The effectiveness of the management system and the fulfilment of the specified occupational health and safety objectives are regularly reviewed and evaluated. We undertake to continuously improve occupational health and safety, taking into account the economic aspects for the company.

We promote internal and external dialogue on all occupational health and safety issues and require our suppliers and service providers to comply with our guidelines. The management works closely with employees and their representatives on occupational health and safety issues.