Discover strategies to increase the longevity of your fleet


Get to know the key strategies for extending the operational fleet life. We will highlight a range of solutions we offer to meet the project-specific needs and asset management requirements. With the focus on enhancing passenger value, you’ll have the autonomy to decide on the level of refurbishment or upgrading functionalities for your fleet.


We'll conduct a webinar followed by a Q&A part.


1) Importance of Asset Management

  • What is it, what is the need, how can it be achieved and what solutions does Televic GSP offer

2) Exploring Different Solutions / Service Agreements

  • Get a brief overview and description of the solutions and services offered by Televic GSP

3) Approach of the strategies

  • Get an insight into the approach Televic GSP uses to offer solutions and services with the highest added value for the customer

4) Best Practice Cases

  • Some real case examples of Televic GSP solutions and services


We'll host three sessions to give you full flexibility:

  • Session #1: June 4th, 11.00 AM CET -> in English
  • Session #2: June 5th, 11.00 AM CET -> in German
  • Session #3: June 6th, 8.00 AM PST (California time) -> in English


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Karen Vergauwe

Business Line Services

Session 1 & 3

Bernhard Moll

Business Line Services

Session 1

Matthias Moeck

Business Line Services

Session 2

Kevin D'Hoe

Business Line Services

Session 3


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