Ethertrain (2009)

Ethernet in train applications

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The assets of Ethernet

This project gave Televic more insight in the robustness an reliability of Ethernet.

New technologies like Power over Ethernet, VDSL2, PAM4, fritting, WiFi, UWB, antennas, etc. were studied and evaluated. New designs for future Televic equipment were proposed and examined. After this project, the doubt about Ethernet in train applications has gone
over into trust.

Endless possibilities

This study focussed on the robustness and reliability of Ethernet for the railway sector:

  • Power over Ethernet in train environment
  • Wired Ethernet between train vehicles
  • Wireless Ethernet over train coupler
  • Functional integration in lab conditions
  • Train area integration

The Ethertrain technology is integrated in the Passenger Information System.

SME Innovation Project

An SME Innovation Project is an individual research or development project conducted by one or more companies, whether or not in collaboration with research partners. It departs from a concrete problem statement or opportunity that requires further knowledge and which, in real life, has an important uncertainty. The project can include a wide range of objectives and activities that can be both technological and non-technological.

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