Refurbishment of the Alstom Coradia Continental S-Bahn

First refurbishment stage of the Alstom Coradia Continental S-Bahn Bremen 

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Germany, January 2022 - The first refurbishment stage of the Bremen metro trains will commence this month. There will be an upgrade to the functionality of the passenger information system of the Nordwestbahn in order to meet the requirements of the transport contract.

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The duration of the project is planned to be two years. During this time, updated and existing trains must continue to run without disruption. An interruption of operations is to be avoided, as the transport contract requires fulfillment from the beginning of next year.

The first step will include the overnight replacement of the current on-board embedded controllers with a new, more powerful type. Televic GSP has prepared all devices for a “plug-and-play” swap. This will enable trains to start their service on time the next morning.

The second step involves successive renovation. All interior of all trains will
be completely overhauled. All components in scope of delivery for Televic GSP will also be exchanged, with the exception of the LED displays and passenger announcement systems. The Coradia Continental will be equipped with a new IP-based network, video surveillance system, and new infotainment displays (TFTs).

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