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Our Machine Learning Club is a hub of innovation and collaboration that brings together young engineers from our four business units to build a proof of concepts around Televic specific AI blocks. Bringing together engineers with different backgrounds creates a dynamic environment that fosters creativity and sparks new ideas.

The team works together to share knowledge and experience, leveraging their strengths to build new and innovative AI applications. They strive to build a proof of concepts that showcase the full potential of Televic. 

Last month, our Machine Learning Club members had an exciting opportunity to test their speech-to-text solution in the wild onboard Transpennine Express train. The club had been working on this research project for months, and testing the research on a live train was a significant milestone. 

The speech-to-text solution that the club developed is designed to provide passengers on the train a second way of receiving real-time information announced by a train guard, such as upcoming stops, delays, and other important announcements. This to improve the overall passenger experience and make travel more accessible for everyone, which is the club's larger mission.

The test on the Transpennine Express train was a significant success. The solution was accurate, providing passengers with timely information throughout the journey. This was a big accomplishment for the team, as it demonstrated the effectiveness of their solution in a real-world setting.

This project is a perfect example of our people and teams' innovative spirit and dedication. It is through the hard work and creativity of our employees that we can continue to innovate and make a positive impact on the world.

Congratulations to all members of the Machine Learning Club on this outstanding achievement: Brecht Deprez, Alexander Sarmanow, Michiel Vandecappelle, and Steven Lauwereins. Let’s keep innovating!

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