Multisensor (2018 - 2019)

Multi-sensor system design and validation

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An optimal multi-sensor configuration

Traditionally, sensors of mechatronic systems measure things independently from each other.  So far, with relatively little monitoring functionalities, this non-optimality was often acceptable. However, the more is being monitored, the more the non-optimality is becoming a problem.

Furthermore, each monitoring functionality is tested separately and through real-life experiments. With new approaches, the costs for testing the ever increasing number of functionalities can be limited.

The Multisensor project will conclude in 2019. The insights will be used for the mechatronics solution.

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Dynamic analytics

This project will provide a structured methodology for designing and virtually testing multi-functional multi-sensor systems for monitoring mechanical quantities.

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Spicer Dana, Siemens

Flanders Make

Flanders Make is the strategic research center for the manufacturing industry. They bring together companies and research institutions, to support concrete product and production innovations. They mainly focus on innovations in the vehicle industry, in mechanical engineering and in production environments.

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