TACOS (2021-2023)

Trustworthy safety & security control for cyber-physical systems

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Enabling the transition to an online and secure reconfiguration of CPS controllers

Online cyber-physical system (CPS) controllers (e.g. train bogie) are increasingly remotely updated, managed and monitored over the Internet. This is a crucial step towards the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) but along with the increasing complexity of these systems comes an increased risk that a fault or attack may jeopardize the system’s availability.

CPS controllers are typically mixed-criticality systems that combine mission-critical control logic with non-critical functionality. However, non-critical software components tend to be less robust due to their rapid evolution and the inclusion of commodity software libraries.

Although mission-critical and non-critical components co-exist on the same platform and share critical system resources, misbehavior or failure of non-critical components must never impact the correct functioning of the mission-critical components. Ensuring this property is the focus of TACOS.

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