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Passenger Information Systems – PIS in short – come in many shapes and sizes, from manual public address announcements to fully interconnected systems. In a previous article we covered the basics of PIS. Here, we dive deeper into some more advanced PIS options that combine wayside and on-board input to optimize information delivery and data collection.

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Benefits for passengers

Primarily, PIS are used to improve the experience for – what’s in a name – passengers. Here are some examples where advanced PIS can contribute:

  • Wayfinding inside the train: guide passengers towards facilities like toilets or the bar car, first and second-class compartments, assigned seats, and so on.
  • Wayfinding within the station and beyond: provide on-board information about connecting trains, taxi, or bike locations when arriving in a station, or about airport departures and arrivals.
  • Location-dependent information: offer tailored entertainment and/or advertising, by creating multiple on-board zones in the train – for example show the message in the back of the train that passengers will need to move forward in order to reach the platform, or only show bar car messages in first class.

Benefits for operators

Besides making train passengers’ lives better, advanced PIS can also be a major help to railway operators. Here’s how:

  • Improve the image of public transport by sharing the right information at the right time, making passengers’ lives easier and their journey as smooth as possible.
  • Collect data – by counting passengers, for example – to optimize services to passengers and better locate railway vehicles.
  • Reduce dwell time by optimally distributing passengers across the train and guiding them to the right part of the vehicle as soon as possible.

Make a selection from endless possibilities 

The possibilities of PIS are both vast and quickly evolving and expanding. So, when considering what technology or solution to upgrade or implement, make sure it is worth the investment and makes your life and those of your passengers more convenient.  

Additionally, the information you want to show may change over time – so make sure to invest in a PIS that is future-proof, user-configurable, and therefore easily changed. Not sure where to get started? Televic GSP is happy to help! 

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