Bayerische Oberlandbahn - PIS-WiFi 2.0

Passenger WiFi with entertainment and real-time passenger information

Televic GSP is equipping a FLIRT electric train for Bayerische Oberlandbahn with the technology required for a smooth Internet supply in regional traffic for a six-month test operation, starting March 2018. Televic GSP is presenting a premiere in regional transport with the integration of passenger information into the WiFi system: thanks to PIS-WiFi2.0, travellers receive current travel information in real time from the vehicle directly on their smartphone. This enables passengers to access arrival forecasts and other passenger information regardless of the current GSM network coverage.

Televic GSP provides the hardware and software, including two multimedia communication computers in the train's power cars, as well as LTE antennas and access points, which span a cascadable wireless network over three cars each, ensuring optimum bandwidth. This allows vehicles to be retrofitted without major investment. As the operator of the WiFi hotspot, Televic GSP provides SIM cards with the required data volume, offers offline content such as films, music and magazines, and performs software and security updates. Televic GSP also takes care of data protection and other legal requirements.

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