Siemens Avenio

With Siemens Avenio to the beach - In future Televic GSP technology will also roll through The Hague

Railway vehicle manufacturer Siemens Mobility delivered forty Avenio trams to “Haagsche Tramweg-Maatschappij (HTM)” in The Hague in 2014. The travel company has now ordered twenty additional vehicles. The fourpart, low-floor, articulated trams can transport 232 people, are 35 metres long and achieve a top speed of 80 km/h. Over fifteen Televic GSP components are on board. The third-largest town in Holland, home to the Dutch government and parliament, therefore has one of the most comfortable and modern trams in its fleet. Televic GSP project manager Maik Strietzel is convinced of the qualities of the new vehicle type: “The Avenio stands for innovation, design, aesthetics and technology.”

For example, anyone travelling on Line 11 from The Hague’s main station to the beach at Scheveningen can not only enjoy comfortable seats and a spacious, bright interior. Passengers also benefit from the integrated information system with the Universal Communication Computer UKR2 at its heart. A device that functions as a hub for all data flowing into and out of the vehicle. So that passengers can contact the driver directly, the vehicle door areas have the FGS6 passenger intercom installed. The goose-neck microphones as well as the internal and external speakers are also supplied by Televic GSP and ensure high-quality sound for passengers.

Location-related advertising clips on the info screen

INDIS3 type information screens allow for easily legible adverts and permit the depiction of various items of passenger information on 17 inch monitors: Those stations just passed and the next ones as well as the final stops are shown as a line of pearls. In a second mask, connections and change options to other means of transport can be seen with destinations and departure times. There is also the option to play location-related adverts that can be assigned up to eight various geographical zones using initiation points. Alongside announcing the next stop, the on-board computer provides content to the Video Communication Computer (VKR) and thus plays the advert planned for a particular section on the screen at the right time. Additionally, all display masks can be combined with a permanent ticker text for current news or information.

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