Siemens - IDOT

Caltrans and IDOT have ordered 137 single-level railcars to improve their service throughout California and the Midwest.

The passenger information system for Caltrans and iDOT -copyright Siemens

The new vehicles will focus on passenger comfort with spacious, modern interiors and an audiovisual information system. The design is based on the brand new intercity trains for Brightline.

The Calidot project is moving full-speed ahead now Siemens has started production at their manufacturing hub in Sacramento. Siemens will produce 49 railcars for Caltrans and 88 for IDOT.

Complete passenger information system

Next to interior modifications such as comfortable seats, work tables and bike racks, both companies invest in a reliable passenger information system, provided by Televic GSP. The system facilitates a carefree and comfortable journey and includes not only screens, audio equipment and video surveillance, but also content management software.

Content management software

The content tool will help Caltrans and IDOT to create the content they want to show and to give daily updates. It is a flexible solution to create travel-related, commercial, or entertaining content in multiple languages.

Time-saving CCTV system

Another highlight is the new CCTV system, which saves lots of time while processing videos. In case of an alarm, the video footage is recorded in higher resolution and automatically labelled for future reference.  In that way they can easily retrieve high-quality footage from different angles.

In service in 2020

The first railcars are scheduled to enter service in 2020. ”Caltrans and IDOT are ready for these new railcars to provide additional seating capacity for our busy trains and support planned improvements to passenger service”, said Malcolm Dougherty, director of Caltrans.

New build project in North America (2018-2023 )

References Passenger Information Systems


Country United States
Train Builder Siemens
Train Operator Caltrans
Kind of project Regional Trains / Long Distance Trains
Number of Vehicles 49
Year 2018 - 2023

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