Siemens - EMU Class 717 Moorgate

GTR replaces 40-years-old fleet with brand new units

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) replaces its class 313s after 40 years of service. The largest rail franchise in the UK ordered 25 brand new class 717 trains that will completely transform the customer experience on the busy metro services into Moorgate.

Gerry McFadden, Engineering Director of GTR, says that the new cars will make a huge difference: “They will all be the maximum length for this route and feature air conditioning as well as power points, Wi-Fi and real-time passenger information screens to make travelling with Great Northern a much more comfortable and convenient experience.”

Televic GSP provided the complete information system, from TFT and LED screens to public address and passenger intercoms. The real-time content management software allows GTR to provide up-to-date and reliable information throughout the journey.

Selective Door Opening

In some cases information is even of vital importance. Just think about the stations on the Moorgate line where the platform is shorter than the train.  At these stations GTR uses Selective Door Opening technology to ensure that passengers disembark safely from the adequate carriages. The content management software allows GTR to  inform passengers about platform lengths and opening doors, both per audio and visually on the screens.

Passenger information ensures that passengers disembark safely from the adequate carriages.


It might seem easy to define at what point you want to trigger or broadcast a message, but that is not always the case. In the Moorgate project the three miles of tunnel section posed a real challenge because of the unavailability of GPS signals. Televic GSP adapted its Passenger Information System to calculate the precise travel distance by synchronizing GPS, wheel pulses and door controls.

New fire and smoke norms

As an innovative technology company Televic GSP is always very attentive to the latest and most stringent safety standards and continuously improves and tests its products. For the Moorgate project Televic GSP adapted its components so to abide by the EN45545 standard to guarantee the highest level of safety in the event of fire.

27% more capacity

The six-cars Desiro City trains were built by Siemens in Germany and run from Moorgate to Stevenage, Herthford North and Welwyn Garden City. They are designed to carry up to 27% more passengers than the 40-year-old class 313s.

New build project in Europe (2016-2018)



Country United Kingdom
Train Builder Siemens
Train Operator GTR
Kind of project Regional Trains
Number of Vehicles 150
Year 2016 - 2018


Alarm panel

TFT screen with content management software

Human Machine interface and Handset in the cab

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