Siemens Mireo DB Regio

DB Regio adds advanced Siemens Mireo regional trains to its network

German regional transport network DB Regio added new advanced Siemens Mireo trains to its Rhine Valley Lot 2 network.

Copyright: Siemens

Siemens developed its regional and commuter Mireo platform to address the growing need for mobility in increasingly densely populated areas. The trains’ improved aerodynamics reduces weight, and energy is saved with a scalable articulated design in combination with bogies with internal bearings.

DB Regio has operated the first 27 multiple unit trains of this ultra-modern train platform since 2020.

Fast, safe, and comfortable

The Rhine Valley Lot 2 trains seat 220 passengers and can reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The interior is attractively designed and solidly constructed, offering spaciousness, comfort, and safety.

The cars are equipped with Televic GSP passenger information systems (PIS) and PA systems. This includes control computers, TFT displays and passenger intercoms.


Country Germany
Train builder Siemens
Train operator DB Regio     
Kind of project New built regional trains 
Number of vehicles     81
Year  2017-2021      

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