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How to manage multilingualism for remote and hybrid meetings

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Smart solution for multilingual remote and hybrid meetings

Ever since the pandemic hit, remote and hybrid meetings have become a standard practice for almost any organization, institution, or government body worldwide. Yet, facilitating the involvement of remote participants still proves to be challenging in a multilingual environment. So, how can we connect on-site and online participants in a remote or hybrid meeting? And how do we ensure distraction-free global discussions in a digital setup?

The answer: Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI)

Simultaneous interpretation is well-known as the practice of interpreting a speaker’s speech into another language in real-time. Televic has been supporting this aspect of modern conferencing with widely appreciated interpreter desks and language distribution solutions. Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) takes things one step further by enabling interpreters, participants, speakers, and moderators to remotely receive a live video & audio feed. RSI allows people from any place on Earth to interact in their native language using a phone or a laptop, a headset, and an Internet connection.

Conferencing technology meets interpretation service

Looking to offer our customers a comprehensive RSI solution for their multilingual meetings, Televic has engaged in a partnership that ensures the smart integration of our advanced conferencing technology with the best-in-class professional interpretation services. Over the past two years, we have developed a close collaboration with Interactio – a leading remote simultaneous interpretation platform that combines remote participation and remote interpreting services for online, hybrid, and on-site meetings alike. Interactio actively enables over 500,000 participants in more than 111 countries to communicate in their preferred language, including delegates of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Benefits of Televic & Interactio smart integration 

By combining our expertise, we facilitate simultaneous interpretation for hybrid meetings in an unlimited number of languages, with high-quality audio with no delays. Our smart technology integration delivers quality remote interpretation to any meeting room in any language.

The pandemic has taught us all the importance of being ready for any type of setup for your meetings, and I think that with this integration, your conference equipment can adapt to any future needs. Televic Conference has been a strong partner for Interactio and has proven to our customers and us to deliver future-proof & high-quality solutions.
Henrikas Urbonas
Co-Founder & CEO at Interactio
We are convinced that this smart integration with the Interactio platform is a great addition for our existing customers considering to add remote participation or interpretation to their current Televic Conference installation. It also offers a top-notch solution covering all future conferencing and interpretation needs for new customers or existing customers, on-site and remote.
Jürgen Van Muylder
Sales & Marketing Director EMEA at Televic

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