Adsens (2015)

Design of adaptive sensors

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Sensors on trains are subject to extreme conditions. New algorithms ensure that the accuracy of the sensors remains optimal at all times.

A typical example is when a train enters a tunnel from a cold environment.This results in a very high temperature shock, which in turn influences the accuracy of measurements.

We have developed algorithms together with Flanders make which virtually eliminate sensitivity towards this transitions

The insights are used for the mechatronics solution.

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Dynamic analytics

In the Adsens project, we developed a methodology for the design of adaptive sensors. In that way, the reliability of sensor measurements is increased.

Our project partners

CNH Industrial, Bekaert, Picanol Group, IWT, Vlaamse overheid.

Flanders Make

Flanders Make is the strategic research center for the manufacturing industry. They bring together companies and research institutions, to support concrete product and production innovations. They mainly focus on innovations in the vehicle industry, in mechanical engineering and in production environments.

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