FoRReal (2013 - 2014)

Feasibility exploration of partial Reconfigurable fpga for REAL products

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Partial reconfigurability

The main focus of this project  to explore the possibilities of partial reconfiguration, an advanced design technique in which the FPGA structure can change its hardware configuration quickly, selectively and in parts. This allows different functions to use the same FPGA at the same time

Televic GSP defined three important case studies:

  • Passenger Information Screens
  • Seat reservation displays
  • Safety critical solutions

Endless possibilities

The added value of reconfiguration is clear:

  • more functionality with less hardware
  • compatibility with future expansions
  • less re-certification of safety critical parts
  • hardware acceleration without replacement of hardware

The FoRReal technology is integrated in the Passenger Information System.

Our project partners

Katholieke Hogeschool VIVES Noord - research group ReMI (Reliability in Mechatronics and ICT)

Feasibility exploration for SME

Feasibility studies for SME must provide better and substantiated insights about the possibilities and feasibility of an innovation. 'Innovation' is to be interpreted as 'a renewal for SMEs with a clear impact on business activities'.

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