InteGRail (2005 - 2007)

Intelligent integration of railway systems

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InteGRail delivered the specification of a standard platform and protocol to interface existing or new information systems. In that way, it is possible to exchange key information needed to improve the performance of the railway system.

This information system has a positive impact on:

  • capacity
  • average speed
  • punctuality
  • safety
  • the optimised usage of resources

Building on results achieved by previous projects, InteGRail proposed new intelligent procedures. It contributed to the definition of new standards, in accord with EC directives and TSI’s.

Exchange key information

The operator and the traffic or capacity manager can decide much quicker which routes are optimal and can acquire quicker information on whether the route is available for running the service.

Our project partners

Unife, Alstom, Ansaldobreda, Bombardier, Siemens AG, D'Appolonia, FAV, Deltarail, Ansaldo STS, CAF, Nortel networks, Laboratori G. Marconi, Atos origin, Mermec, Trenitalia, RFI, Atoc, Ceské dráhy A.S., MAV, Unicontrols, Strukton Railinfra, Deuta-Werke GmbH, Heriot-Watt University, IMEC, OFFIS, University of Oldenburg, Seebyte Ltd., Kontron nv, University of Chile, INRETS, Wireless Future, University of Birmingham, ADIF, Corridor X, Network Rail, Prorail, SNCF, UIC, Réseau Ferré de France, FAR Systems

The Integrail project

InteGRail is a European integrated research project dealing with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) applications in the railway field.

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