Phase 2 of the BerdiBa project has started!

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We are glad to announce the continuation of BerdiBa. The project, co-funded by the European Union, aims to design and evaluate an innovative digital rail system, including an autonomous train. The pilot project started at the beginning of 2022, and we will step up research from 2023. The end of phase 2 is expected in July 2024.

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What is our contribution?

BerdiBa phase 2


Research a dynamic monitoring and analysis system for a complex, stand-alone cyber-physical system that monitors the state of live hardware and software using a near real-time digital twin.

What are the benefits?

Higher availability

Faster response time

Improved security measures

"The big win? There’s no need for an engineer on your train anymore to keep logs in case something goes wrong. But there si more: The digital twin doesn’t just predict failing hardware: it also detects security threats and even creates ‘what if’ scenarios, allowing you to prepare for any threat or mishap."

Train BerdiBa phase 2


Digital twin of railway passengers through real-time anonymous localization.

What are the benefits?


Tracking passenger movement

Advanced ticketing options

Personalizing passenger information

"This will open up a new world of possibilities in passenger comfort when paired with Wi-Fi. It’s useful for train builders themselves as well: they gain insight into dwell times and passenger movements, enabling them to optimize stop times, methods for loading and unloading and so on"

Meet OUR project team


Maik Strietzel

Project Leader


Alexander Sarmanow

Researcher - Software


Bertram Su

Researcher - Software

Steven Lauwereins

Consultant Research


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