RAILS (2012 - 2013)

The next big step in conveying info to train crew and passengers

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Mobile connectivity

The main focus of this project is to optimize wireless technologies in the railway environment:

  • How can we make mobile connectivity between trains and the wayside more scalable and reliable?
  • How can we overcome the challenges of the railway environment, such as increased latency or bandwidth limitations?

This research cooperation is a follow-up of the successful TRACK project in 2011.

RAILS has been the first project in this domain that investigated industry requirements and end-to-end - not only looking at the actual apps but also at ways to further improve on-board mobile connectivity.
Bruno Volckaert
Professor at IDLab-UGent - imec

A scalable and reliable framework

With this new technology it is possible to manage on-board content and applications remotely from the wayside. Moreover, the framework takes into account the unreliable communication channels between wayside and railway fleet.

The RAILS technology is now integrated in the Passenger Information System.

Our project partners

iMinds, Bombardier Transportation, Nokia Siemens Networks, NMBS/SNCB, Belgacom, Option, Belgische Spoorwegen, UIFY and several research groups of the universities of Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels.

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