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LNVG first in world to add hydrogen powered trains to fleet  

The Lower Saxony Transport Authority (LNVG) will introduce 14 hydrogen powered cars to its fleet in the late summer of 2022, a world first.  

Copyright: Alstom

The state of Lower Saxony provided €81 million euros for the pioneering project. The innovative multiple unit ‘Coradia iLint’ trains, the first ever passenger trains to be hydrogen powered, are manufactured by Alstom in Germany.  

Each train is fitted with Televic GSP’s PIS, including LED and TFT screens, passenger intercoms, a CCTV system and a PA system.  

100% emission-free on non-electrified lines 

The ‘Coradia iLint’ is the first passenger train in the world to be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell generating electrical energy for propulsion. The process is a completely emission-free alternative to diesel, that only releases water and vapor.  

Several other innovations increase the trains’ sustainability, including clean energy conversion, flexible battery energy storage, and efficient energy management. The trains are designed for use on non-electrified lines, allowing environmentally friendly clean train operations anywhere and everywhere. 


Country  Germany       
Train builder  Alstom 
Train operator  LNVG           
Kind of project  New built regional trains   
Number of trains      14
Year  2021

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